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Bride who’s a barber gives her hubby fresh haircut on their wedding day



A Nigerian lady who is a barber could not allow her fiancé go with a bushy hair for their wedding so she gave him a haircut.

She was captured on tape cutting his hair as early in the morning and it melted the hearts of many netizens.

The bride known as Royal Majesty woke him up by 5am and gave him a clean cut before they headed to church for their wedding.

Another part of the video showed them inside a car with the man all dressed in suit and gown for the woman, and was after they had tied the knot.

He showed off his fresh haircut while his wife happily flaunted the wedding ring on her finger. Royal Majesty had earlier declared that as a barber, her man is her best client.

Watch the video below:

@herroyalmajesty00 Gave hubby his wedding haircut, he’s officially my favorite client @munasglam_0 @user5984934638149 #tiktok #trending #wedding #couple #couplegoals #fyp #foryou ♬ All Over – Magixx

Similarly, a funny clip which circulated online showed veteran Nigerian actor, John Okafor popularly known as Mr Ibu, getting a stylish haircut.

The comic star created some humour in the barbing saloon while having an interaction with other customers. Mr Ibu went with his daughter who made sure to capture the rare moment on camera.

When the barber was almost done cutting the actor’s hair, he made some complimentary remarks to which the movie star responded.

The barber mentioned how the Nollywood star looked much younger than his age, but the compliment didn’t go down well with the comedian.

But it was not a serious matter as Mr Ibu was quick to shut the barber down and stated that he he is okay with looking fresh but not younger than he is.

Watch the funny video:

In reaction, KleinerJunge GroßerGott said: his man total complete vibe. Mr ibu. Massive love ❤️.

Thomas washer said: I love you sir looking good on your haircut

Tommy-n; This barber will make heaven,,, just look at how handsome Mr IBU is looking

Meanwhile, CorrectNG had earlier reported how Ibu prayed to God to make his children look like his wife.

The movie star revealed this in an interview with The Punch, noting that it is because he knows that he is not good-looking. He added that when he made the request people laughed and asked why he said such.

The father of three also revealed that he does not beat his kids whenever they do something wrong, rather he prefers scolding them.

In his words; “I had my first child in 1991, I remember the joy in my heart; I was happy and grateful to God. I picked up my baby and said that he should look like his beautiful mother and not me, everyone laughed. They asked why I was saying that and I said that because I know I am not good-looking, and they all laughed.

I am very truthful to myself; I know that I am not good looking, so I do not want any of my children to take after me in that aspect, they can take after me in every aspect but not in terms of beauty, and as God will have it, they look beautiful just like my wife”.