Billionaire Femi Otedola Bolsters Stake in FBN Holdings, Becomes Largest Shareholder

Billionaire businessman Femi Otedola has solidified his position as the largest shareholder of FBN Holdings after acquiring a substantial number of shares through both direct and indirect investments.

The transaction, which took place on June 20, 2024, saw Mr. Otedola’s personal investment vehicle, Calvados Global Services Limited, and himself collectively purchase a total of 863,180,810 ordinary shares of FBN Holdings.

This acquisition amounted to 546,674,034 shares purchased by Calvados Global Services Limited at a price of N21.97 per share, and 316,506,776 shares bought directly by Mr. Otedola at N21.91 per share.

The combined investment value of these acquisitions totals N18,950,313,232.34, a significant financial commitment by Mr. Otedola to bolster his influence within one of Nigeria’s foremost financial institutions.

In February 2024, Femi Otedola owned 1,989,342,376 indirect units, constituting 5.54% of FBN Holdings’ total shareholding, alongside 40,033,982 direct shares, amounting to 0.11%.

Combined, his holdings stood at 2,029,376,358 shares, equivalent to about 5.65% of the company’s shares.

At that time, Oba Otudeko’s Barbican Capital Limited held the largest stake in the bank.

However, following his acquisition of an additional 863,180,810 shares valued at N18,950,313,232.34 on June 20, 2024, Otedola has now emerged as FBN Holdings’ largest shareholder.

Otedola has now emerged as FBN Holdings’ largest shareholder.

The billionaire’s decision to augment his stake in FBN Holdings aligns with his broader investment strategy in Nigeria’s financial sector.

It also reflects his confidence in the long-term growth and stability of the banking industry amidst evolving economic conditions.

Industry analysts have noted that Mr. Otedola’s move not only strengthens his position within FBN Holdings but also signals a vote of confidence in the leadership and strategic direction of the bank under current market conditions.

As the largest shareholder, Mr. Otedola’s increased influence is expected to have implications for the governance and operational decisions of FBN Holdings, potentially shaping its future trajectory in Nigeria’s banking landscape.

The acquisition comes at a time when the Nigerian economy is navigating various challenges, including inflationary pressures and regulatory changes.

Mr. Otedola’s expanded stake in FBN Holdings positions him uniquely to influence and contribute to the resilience and growth of the institution amid these dynamics.

With this latest development, all eyes are on how Mr. Otedola’s enhanced role will impact FBN Holdings’ strategic initiatives, shareholder relations, and overall performance in the coming quarters.


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