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Bella Shmurda – ARA (Gen Gen Tin) Instrumental (Open Verse + Hook)



Bella Shmurda, the fast-rising Nigerian singer and songwriter, has recently released an open verse instrumental and hook for his hit track, “ARA (Gen Gen Tin).” The song is an infectious blend of Afrobeats and pop, and the open verse instrumental and hook are sure to inspire a wave of new covers and remixes.

The instrumental features an upbeat tempo with an Afrocentric feel, complete with catchy drum patterns and bright, melodic instrumentation. The hook, sung by Bella Shmurda, is an instant earworm, with its sing-along chorus of “Ara gen gen tin.”

The release of the open verse instrumental and hook is a savvy move by Bella Shmurda, as it allows other artists and producers to put their own spin on the track. This is a common practice in the Nigerian music industry, where artists often collaborate and remix each other’s songs to create new hits and reach new audiences.

Bella Shmurda has been on a hot streak in recent months, with his debut EP, “High Tension,” receiving critical acclaim and propelling him to stardom. His unique sound and energetic performances have made him a fan favorite, and the open verse instrumental and hook for “ARA (Gen Gen Tin)” are sure to add to his growing fan base.

Overall, the open verse instrumental and hook for “ARA (Gen Gen Tin)” are a testament to Bella Shmurda’s creativity and willingness to collaborate with other artists. As the Nigerian music industry continues to grow and evolve, Bella Shmurda is poised to be one of its leading voices, with his infectious sound and undeniable talent.

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