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Belgium: Moroccan Muslim migrants screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ riot after Morocco beats Belgium in World Cup



What are the chances that these migrants will become loyal, stable, productive members of Belgian society? Why do they retain such an overarching loyalty to their home country, rather than love the country that welcomed them and gave them refuge? Why don’t European authorities ever ask or answer questions of this kind?


“Moroccan fans riot on the streets of Belgium and the Netherlands as Morocco defeats Belgium in their World Cup encounter,” OpIndia, November 28, 2022:

The FIFA World Cup match between Morocco and Belgium, which resulted in a shock 2-0 win for the North African side, resulted in riots in Belgium’s capital Brussels. The Moroccan immigrants, who are present in large numbers in Belgium, went on a rampage after the win, destroying cars and scooters, and in one case, even the Belgian flag.

Belgian police eventually detained twelve people and made one arrest. The riots were not limited to Belgium alone, as neighbouring Netherlands also saw riots in the capital city of Amsterdam and the port city of Rotterdam.

The Moroccan fans clashed with riot police in the Belgian capital as riots broke out around the city. Most of the supporters were wearing Moroccan flags. Police had to use tear gas, water cannons, and attempted road closures to disperse rioters in Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, as well as Antwerp, a business hub and a very busy port.

According to police in the adjacent Netherlands, riot police attempted to break up a gathering of 500 soccer fans who attacked police with fireworks and glass in the port city of Rotterdam. Unrest was reported in Amsterdam and even at The Hague by the media.

Brussels mayor Philippe Close advised people to avoid the city centre and said officials were taking all possible measures to maintain calm on the streets. On police instructions, even subway and tram traffic had to be halted. “Those are not fans, they are rioters. Moroccan fans are there to celebrate,” said Close.

A hundred police officers were on duty, and residents were told to stay away from certain areas of the city centre. Several streets and metro stations were closed to stop the violence from spreading in the city. According to police spokesperson Ilse Van de Keere, the situation became quiet at 7 o’clock local time and precautionary patrols continue to be placed in the affected neighbourhoods.

“The rioters used pyrotechnic material, projectiles, sticks, and set fire on the public highway,” the police stated. “Also, a journalist was injured in the face by fireworks. It is for these reasons that it was decided to proceed with police intervention, with the deployment of water cannon and the use of tear gas,” authorities further added.

Morocco’s shocking World Cup win over Belgium was a huge upset, and the vast number of Moroccan immigrants in Belgium and the Netherlands were celebrating that. However, things got out of hand as the celebrations turned violent….