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BBNaija Star, Bambam Celebrates Dad’s Birthday With Heartwarming Message



Big Brother Naija star and actress, Bambam has taken to her social media to upload a video of the moments she spent with her Dad and other family members. She shared a heartwarming message alongside the video to celebrate her Dad as he clocks 60.

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Bambam is close to her father. She lived with him in France, United kingdom, and United states in the course of his job as a diplomat. She is his eldest child. She must have built a strong bond with her father after spending so much time with him. 

Bambam in her message said, “I am proud to have your DNA run through my vein”. She is happy to be born in the family. Bambam is also proud of her dad for being the person he is. 

Parents are very important in one’s life. While some enjoyed good parenting, others were not lucky to. Some recognize the fact that their parents invested a lot in them to get to where they are now and appreciate them for it. Some are not raised with a silver spoon by shouldn’t use it as an excuse not to appreciate their parents. 

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