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Assault: Thank God Seun Kuti’s body didn’t end up in lagoon – Kogi CP



Punch papers reports that some Nigerians have criticized an alleged remark made by the commissioner of police for Kogi State, Akeem Yusuf, who suggested that Seun Kuti’s body may have been discarded in the lagoon near Third Mainland Bridge after he slapped a police officer in Lagos State.

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According to reports, Yusuf, who uses the name Kimo Akeem on Facebook, made the claim in response to a comment made regarding Kuti’s assault of the policeman.

Abimbola Adebayo uploaded a screenshot of the claimed comment made by Yusuf to the platform.

Come and slap the police also, the CP allegedly wrote in a post. Thank God, Seun Kuti’s body was not being searched for in the seas near the third mainland bridge.

Adebayo shared the snapshot of Yusuf’s post along with his image and the Afrobeat musician’s image and expressed his ire at Yusuf’s response.

She added that the remark brought back the moment a police officer had threatened to shoot her and throw her into the lagoon.

“Why the Nigeria Police Force needs to respond to this statement by one of their own,” she said in part of her message. Seun Kuti, he claimed, was fortunate not to have been tossed into the lagoon.

“Kimo Akeem, the pseudonym of Kogi State Commissioner of Police Yusuf Akeem, is the officer who made this alarming remark. If he made this claim, you should assume that he is more knowledgeable.

Yusuf’s Facebook account was hacked, according to William Aya, the state police public relations officer, who was contacted for comment on Monday. Aya did not dispute that the CP was the account’s owner, though.

In his statement, he said, “The attention of the Commissioner of Police, Kogi State, Akeem Yusuf, has been drawn to the story doing the rounds on social media credited to his personality on the purported assault on a police officer by Seun Kuti, “Thank God Seun Kuti’s body didn’t end up in the lagoon.”

“The statement is false and deceptive and was intended to harm the CP’s reputation and image. Since September 2022, the Facebook account has been compromised, therefore it is necessary to inform the public and he has previously issued warnings.

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