Aside wigs, makeup, others, I don’t know prices of anything – Doyin

BBNaija star, Doyin David acknowledges being out of touch with the everyday cost of living in Nigeria, admitting she relies on others for tasks like shopping.

In a recent interview with media personality Olufemi Daniel on his podcast, Doyin revealed that she doesn’t know the price of anything in Nigeria.


Although she doesn’t go to the market herself, she expressed empathy for Nigerians dealing with economic hardships.

She recounted a visit to the market where she was moved to tears by the struggles of ordinary Nigerians.

Doyin on why she doesn’t know the prices of anything in Nigeria

“I am the most detached Nigerian you can ever meet. I don’t even know what is happening. I don’t know the price of anything. I don’t go to the market. I send my chef, and they don’t tell me what the price is.”

“I hear there’s hardship in the country, and I sympathise with Nigerians. I’m sure that it’s tough. I know because wigs are more expensive. Makeup, nails, cars, houses—everything is more expensive. Those things I know. But I’m not really into tomatoes. I’m sure food is expensive.”

Speaking of hardship in Nigeria

“It’s sad because people are suffering. I also went to the market one time in Ogba, and I cried that day because I saw how people were suffering. People were reacting to N50,000 like it was N5 million. That shows how badly people are suffering,”

“It’s very sad. We hope that we’ll have a country one day where the average Nigerian can at least feed. That should be the basics. But we are not there yet. I hope we get there one day. I don’t want to talk about politics because I don’t really know much about politics.”

“I just think Nigeria is a shithole with this kind of leadership. The issue is that the people that are obligated to care about us don’t care about us. I don’t know that there would be a solution anytime soon. So I tell people ‘Do your best to fend for yourself and family and if you have the opportunity to relocate abroad, do,’”


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