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As UK and US encourage Illegal migrants, Hungary stopped 730 illegals a day



The small country of Hungary has been stopping, on average, 738 illegals a day, while Britain continues to be flooded with illegals and grapples with a sinking economy. The same goes for the EU.

In a globalist facilitation of its own demise economically and as a sovereign country, UK government stats show that 28,526 illegals arrived via the English Channel in 2021, up from 8,466 in 2020, 1,843 in 2019, and only 299 in 2018. Clearly, illegals are getting the message. More than 45,000 arrived in 2022. Taxpayers are footing the bill like it or not. Illegals are now being housed in 419 posh hotels, and the the BBC reported three months ago that the UK was spending a staggering $8.5 million USD a day on hotels. Now it’s being reported, in figures released by Frontex, that 71,081 people crossed into the EU illegally. The message is out that Britain accepts illegals, despite its constant political posturing to the public that it is doing something about the influx of illegal migrants. The British government is doing nothing, and for years has been deceptive about it.

In contrast, Hungary reportedly “apprehended 269,254 ‘illegal entrants’ at its southern border in 2022; a huge jump from the already high figure of 122,239 in 2021.” Hungary also has a border fence.

Why is Hungary capable of managing its borders and protecting its sovereignty, while Britain projects the image of having lost all control? For years, Hungary and other members of the Visegrad group endured threats from the EU over their determination to protect their borders, but ever since the COVID crisis and the Ukraine war, the EU’s attention has shifted away from the bullying of Hungary. Hungary looked after its country and protected its citizens, while the EU, the UK and also the US continue to self-destruct with open borders policies.

“Hungarian Border Guards Stopped Average of 738 Illegals a Day in 2022, Double 2021 Numbers,” by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, January 11, 2023:

The Hungarian government says it apprehended some 269,254 “illegal entrants” at its southern border in 2022; a huge jump from the already high figure of 122,239 in 2021.

György Bakondi, chief security advisor to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s pro-borders government, warned “the number of illegal entrants is rising” and that “Hungary is still the main route for undocumented migrants coming from the Balkans with the aid of people smugglers” in an official news bulletin, with the border seeing an average of 738 migrants stopped per day.

The migrants, reported to hail chiefly from Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Morocco, and India, are said to have actually attacked Hungarian personnel on 265 occasions in 2022, leaving 12 police officers and 29 military servicemen with injuries.

Fully 1,924 people-smugglers from an astonishing 73 different countries were detained over the course of the year — “up from 1,277 in 2021” — with the annual border protection bill hitting around 650 billion Hungarian forints, equivalent to roughly 1.63 billion euros.

The Hungarians’ robust approach to the onslaught on its southern border stands in marked contrast to the approach of the Joe Biden administration in the United States, or indeed successive Conservative (Tory) Party-led administrations in the United Kingdom — which might be expected to have a relatively easy time defending their frontiers, given their country’s island status.

The British authorities have in fact not just failed to stop migrants paying organised criminals to bring them across the English Channel in often dangerously unseaworthy small boats, they have actively assisted in bringing them ashore by sending out Border Force and other vessels to pick them up, sometimes even in foreign territorial waters, and taking them not back to the safe European Union countries they set sail from but the rest of the way to Britain…….