Apostle Suleman’s Prophecies: Seven Things That God Says Will Happen in July 2024

“The written word of God is indestructible. The spoken word of God is the flurry of attacks that can send the enemy running away. Faith grounded in the word is a fortress. When there is lack, God declares provisions from heaven. And when there is sickness, He declares healing.” These are words of affirmation from Servant of God and General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, as he made positive prophetic declarations for July, 2024.

Apostle Suleman declared during his Tuesday prayers: “Here are seven things that God Almighty revealed to me will happen in your life this month of July. I want your faith to be open and be alive to be able to take these prophetic declarations because they will all happen in your life.

God says in your life this month; God will not be mocked (Galatians 6:7). He said tell them that in their life this month, I will not be mocked. Amen. The second declaration is; this month, you shall find the grace to help (Hebrew 4:16). This month, you shall enjoy present helpers. That is Declaration number three (Psalm 46:1). That means you will not just have helpers that will be dormant; you will have helpers that will be active.

Psalm 102:13; God said tell them that this month, their set time has come. Your set time for favour, for blessing has come. Then He said, tell them that this month, ungodly associations against you shall scatter (Isaiah 8:9-10). And God said to tell you that, this month, God will give you people that will minister favour to your life (Luke 8:2). Finally, in Isaiah 26:3, God says this month, you will enjoy perfect peace. In the name of Jesus, it’s a blessed month for you. Amen.

According to the ‘Restoration Apostle’, prophecies are God’s promised verdicts. ‘A prophecy means God has promised to do a thing, so nothing can reverse it. When it is God who said it, we must understand that it is what He can and will do. God speaks in His capacity and ability to deliver.” The servant of God also suggests the need for believers to understand that it takes faith to see prophecies fulfilled.

“Believers whose faith is alive in the prophecy will experience the reality of what God has said,” itemizes Apostle Suleman, adding; “to see whatever God has said will come to pass in our lives, we must hold unto God’s word firmly without shifting our ground. Faith is what strengthens the believer to stand strong on God’s word till it delivers.”


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