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‘Any Politician, Past Or Present, NDC Or NPP Who Has Acquired Some Of The Achimota Forest Lands Is A Disgrace’ – Sam George



The member of parliament for Ningo-Prampram, Sam Dzata George has shared his thoughts on politicians acquiring lands at the Achimota Forest.

It could be recalled that the Achimota Forest has attracted massive comments following the leakage of the alleged will of the late Ghanaian politician, Sir John.

In the alleged will, some lands of the forest were willed to some of his children and relatives. The will was leaked at a time when there were reports that the Achimota Forest has been sold.

Reacting to these recent developments in a recent social media post, the member of the largest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) said;

“Achimota Forest land grab = CREATE, LOOT & SHARE!

Any politician, past or present, NDC or NPP, member of the Legislature or Judiciary or business person involved in this blatant looting scheme is a disgrace to our democracy. Shame on you all! 🦁🇬🇭😡🔥”

Some reactions ..... got are;

@biagcra83 – U are my favorite politician from today going and will come and vote for u next election Now I no u are a truthful @samgeorgegh
Thanks for blasting them npp ndc

@SerRobert2 – Hope u r coming with a clean hands🙄
Coz Ghana politrikcian deɛ, we r yet to see ur worse😎
Obia boa like Amerado😖

@emmanue_lson – You will always be the original ‘Dzata’ I love you Sam. You are the Daniel and Joseph of our Time. Keep up the good work and keep standing for the truth.