Former Nigerian presidential aide, Reno Omokri has chastised ladies who have bleached and enhanced their physical features through surgeries.

He made this post on his social media handles as she used former Miss World, Agbani Darego-Danjuma as an example.

According to him, the former Miss World didn’t bleach or enhanced her body to look pretty adding that she still got married, has a child, and is a source of joy to herself and her race.

“When you bleach and surgically enhance your body, you are not just saying ‘I hate myself’, you also teach young dark skinned girls to likewise hate themselves. No matter how many rich old men date you, you remain a danger to yourself and society! Love your dark skin. Live a life worthy of emulation. Look at your photos before you bleached. You were the epitome of beauty. A natural African woman.


You do not need to be light skinned and have surgically enhanced features to be loved. You were already lovely. Look at @AgbaniDarego. The first and only Nigerian to win the Miss World Pageant. Black and beautiful. She did not bleach or surgically enhance herself. Yet, she is married, has a child, and is a thing of joy to herself and her race. A beacon of virtue and pride to the Black Race. Young Black girls can look at her and feel beautiful. Black is Beautiful. Say it with me-I’m Black and I am proud!” he wrote.

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