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After discovering he is Luis Diaz father, notorious Colombia gang ELN confirms his release soon



The National Liberation Army (ELN), a Colombian gang group, has confirmed that they will release Luis Diaz father.

The group made the statement after confirming he is related to Liverpool football star Diaz.

Gistreel had earlier disclosed that Luis Manuel Díaz Jimenez aged 58, had been taken hostage at gunpoint alongside his wife in their hometown of Barrancas in La Guajira, Colombia, last Saturday.

The ELN, which had been identified as the group responsible for the abduction, later claimed responsibility and promised to release Luis Manuel within “hours.”

Luis Diaz father – Getty image4

The Sun UK reported that a representative for the terrorist group, Juan Carlos Cuellar, stated, “We must recognize the situation you have heard in the news is true, and the ELN is going to free Mr. Diaz’s father as soon as possible.”

The news of Luis Diaz’s father’s release follows earlier speculation that he was being taken to Venezuela.

Diaz’s mother, Cilenis Marulanda, was reportedly found safe after the guerrilla group left her in a car and was placed under police protection.

Colombian authorities officially confirmed that the ELN was behind the abduction on Thursday.

They demanded the immediate release of Luis Manuel Diaz and emphasized that kidnapping is a criminal practice, in violation of International Humanitarian Law.