Adorable moment Nigerian couple reunites after 30 years of separation

A heartwarming video of a Nigerian couple, who were separated for 30 years reuniting has surfaced online, capturing the hearts of many.

Their daughter, known as @debbienes on TikTok, shared the heartwarming news on the popular social media platform.

The reunion, beautifully captured in a photo shoot, shows @debbienes and her parents donning white outfits and posing for a series of family photos.

Adorable moment Nigerian couple reunites after 30 years of separation


The photographs showcase a variety of poses, including several loved-up shots of the reunited couple.

In the video, the couple can be seen smiling and embracing each other, celebrating their reunion with their daughter.

Netizens Reactions…

Na_na_Hawah said: “I know God is full of wonders I tap from this inshallah very soon 20 years without fatherly love.”

Joiccyfied said: “My own just get strong head 25years dey no wan gree.”

susanjonez said: “This is a miracle….wow .after everything ..wawuuuuuu ….am happy.”

Nesdorcas said: “They look so cute together. God is great.

THIAGO ÌSÒLÁ said: “Hope still dey for me and my ex babe to come back then cos 30 years is crazy.”

zia.hairs said: “This is so amazing. Congratulations debs.”

chiefsdaughter__ said: “My parents reuniting was one of the sweetest part of my life but my dad later diedbut I’m happy they did before he left.

emateaches said: “I no dey pray make my own come back ooooo.”

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