Actress Laide Bakare shares experience after facing police intimidation, extortion

Yoruba movie star, Bakare has raised an alarm over the Nigerian police’s unprofessional act of brutalising and extorting citizens.

She took to her Instagram page on Sunday and narrated how officers carried out an assault on her when he was driving on Saturday along Ikorodu expressway in Lagos state.

Laide Bakare

The actress hinted that one of them drove off with the car while a minor was still inside time of experiencing such and she found it.

Laide wrote; “For the first time, I experienced the brutal way Nigerians are being treated along that axis. I cannot imagine how someone with a brain and sanity will drive someone’s car away with a minor in it.

“A lot is happening in this country that needs to be attended to. My daughter was left terrified because of the incident.

“The police targeted only big cars and vulnerable people to exploit and rob. Just because they needed our ATM card to take out N70,000”.

The police authorities, however, denied her claims and released a statement that the actress violated traffic law in the state.

In similar news…

CorrectNG reported earlier this year that a 17-year-old boy who returned from the United States of America was hospitalised after some police officers assaulted him in Oyo state.

It was gathered that the incident happened on December 27, 2023 in the Jogor Centre area of Ibadan, the state capital, not long after the teenager arrived Nigeria.

According to residents of Jogor, the boy whose name was not disclosed left USA for Nigeria to visit his aged grandmother only to fall victim to police brutality.

They said he was hospitalised after one of the police men slapped him during the festive period, but eyewitnesses said they could no longer keep mum over the incident, especially.

A resident, Sola Ajayi said the the boy alongside another person was on a bike around the Jogor Centre when they were stopped by some police men numbering up to five.

He said; “One of the police men was doing a video recording when the boy’s partner also began to do a video recording in case anything happened. So, before we knew it, the officers had called the Divisional Police Officer at Iyaganku Police Station.

They brought more police men. The DPO came in a Lexus 470 jeep. There were many with rifles. One of them tried to cock his gun and his magazine even fell off. They took them to the station in their vehicle where they were beaten.”


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