Abdul Criticizes Brother Kola Abiola’s Leadership Capabilities, Says He Cannot Lead Nigeria

Abdul Abiola, son of the late Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola (MKO Abiola), has expressed doubt about his elder brother Kola Abiola’s ability to lead Nigeria. In an interview on the podcast show “Mic On” aired on Sunday, Abdul criticized Kola’s management of their father’s legacy and business empire.

Kola Abiola, who ran for the presidency on the platform of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) in 2023, was unable to sustain MKO Abiola’s political legacy or unite the family, according to Abdul. He stated, “MKO Abiola’s legacy would have been properly sustained if Kola was in a better position. And he could have been a voice of better democratic value, but he chose not to.”

Abdul recalled that while their father was imprisoned, Kola was preoccupied with other matters. “It’s sad, but I’m a little pleased that my father didn’t come out to see what his first son has become,” Abdul lamented.

Expressing his dissatisfaction, Abdul said, “I’m unhappy with him (Kola Abiola), and even Nigerians are unhappy. You can see how many people voted for him when he campaigned for the presidency.”

Abdul questioned Kola’s capability to govern, stating, “I wonder how he thought he could be president when he could not manage Abiola’s empire. How will he manage Nigeria?”

He concluded by highlighting a broader issue in the country, saying, “This is the problem in Nigeria: people are not showing capacity in their own little sphere of work but want a higher position.”


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