A lot went through my head – Harrysong’s ex-wife speaks after fans raised alarm over her disturbing post

Alexer Peres, the estranged wife of Nigerian music star, Harrysong has broken silence after making a disturbing post that scared fans.

Recall that on Monday, she went on Instagram story and shared a photo of Sniper insecticide, which is a poisonous substance that suicidal individuals often take.

This raised questions about whether her issues with Harrysong has led her to consider ending her life. But hours later, Alexer clarified that she is fine.

Harrysong wife Destiny Etiko

The entrepreneur expressed gratitude to family, friends and others who reached out to check on her, assuring them that all is well with her.

Alexer Peres, however, admitted that she’s faced some challenges in the past, but the most recent one which made her post the sniper, hit hard, leaving her feeling overwhelmed.

She also reflected on the experience, noting how she has learned valuable lessons and apologized for any alarm caused by her previous post.

Alexer wrote; “Thanks to everyone that reached out to check up on me all I can say is I’m fine now by the grace of God Have faced many challenges but this one hit me hard and I felt I couldn’t handle it.

“A lot went through my head in one second but I thank God for having my loved ones and y’all God bless y’all. Have learnt better and I’m sorry for ... I made”.


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