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“A lady attempted to blackmail me after one-night stand” – BNXN reveals



Singer Daniel Benson, aka BNXN, has spoken about how a woman tried to use a fake pregnancy to blackmail him after a one-night stand.

After a one-night stand, the woman allegedly claimed she was pregnant for him and demanded money. When he refused, she allegedly tried to blackmail him by posting “weird pictures” of him online.

"A lady attempted to blackmail me after one-night stand" – BNXN reveals
Afro-pop singer, BNXN. Source: Google

He disclosed this in the most recent episode of the Moni Talks podcast.

According to BNXN: “Somebody came out to lie that she’s pregnant for me. I’m still waiting for the child. I was like, ‘Goddamn, girl, that was too far.’ It was blackmail. She wanted to blackmail me. She wanted me to send her money, and when I refused, she posted some weird pictures of me.

“I didn’t know the person, it was just a one-night stand, but it just came back to bite me in the *ss. Yeah, people get pregnant from one-night stands. But we are still waiting on the baby. It’s like over a year.”