80-year-old woman without family receives birthday treat From neighbor

A lady living near an elderly woman without any family has captured the internet’s attention with her generous act on the woman’s 80th birthday.

Sasha Gaston, the neighbor in question, shared her touching gesture on TikTok, which has since gone viral, amassing over 2.5 million views and 24,000 comments.

According to Sasha Gaston’s account on TikTok, she discovered that her elderly neighbor, who lacks family, was celebrating her 80th birthday alone.

Moved by empathy, Sasha decided to make the occasion special for her neighbor, whom she has known for the past seven years.

She took the elderly woman out to a restaurant and showered her with gifts, including a birthday cake.

The video, posted by @sashagaston on TikTok, shows the elderly woman visibly delighted and touched by Sasha’s gesture.

“Your neighbour has no family so you took her out for her 80th birthday,” the lady’s video caption read.

Netizens Reactions…

@sarawest125 said; “You are so sweet and I’m sure she sees you as her family.” @flo said: “I want this kind of content not ekane.

@Kinley said: “bet she was so excited putting her little outfit on.”

@TrinityTheTok said: “You are the example of how we all should be! Keep being an amazing person! I wish you many blessings!”

@shaunyxo said; “Omg this is so sweet! God bless you!”

@B33Reddington said; “Beautiful, we have to take care of our elders.

@#415Xen said; “This how you get your blessings god knows our hearts. I love this and she loves you.”

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