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5 Lessons From Moyo Lawal’s Viral Video Leakage



5 Lessons From Moyo Lawal‘s Viral Video Leakage—-In this trying times of popular Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal over trending leaked sextape,there are lessons to learn from it. The Matured

Singles Corner, CEO, Madam Orekelewa, has marshalled out the lifetime lessons the incident.

According to her, Singles are more vulnerable, what happened to ac good actress Moyo Lawal can happen to any lady or man who get themselves involved with a f!uc!k boy or girl.

“1, Be careful and keep your mind busy so that you don’t get involved with people who are not emotionally connected to you out of loneliness

“2, If you get involved with someone who is not emotionally connected to you, they will video record you during the act.

“3, the person will not give you s!e!xual satisfaction. you saw moyo still touching herself while the guy was on the act with her, that means he is not doing a good job. He is only concentrating on penetration. The romance was ZERO. He didn’t get her body ready for the act. He was so selfish, he was after his own satisfaction and he was focusing on recording the video. At a point I heard her asking him *why are you still concentrating on the video” meaning she expected him to drop the phone and concentrate. She was not enjoying anything. She was just acting up like she is feeling him.

4″, Moyo just wanted a time with the guy out of loneliness, I m sure they don’t have any relationship, he is only her b!e!d mate. Anyway maybe someone whom they both trusted so much released the video

“Moyo you saw what happened to actress Empress so I’m highly disappointed in you, I expected you to have sense and be with a responsible man”, Orekelewa warns.

5,”SINGLES, please get your mind busy with work, and be careful with the way you live your life and Invite people who don’t love you into your life.
Loneliness will only k!ill you if you are not busy. focus on a legitimate job, make money, visit your immediate family and spend time with them, travel abroad if you have enough funds, go on singles trips with likes mind, plan your vacation and enjoy your own company. join whatsApp group to chat and make new sensible friends. Stop exposing yourself to embarrassments, Orekelewa MSC Admin Officer and CEO, finally noted.