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“4 Months Pregnant And She Was Sleeping With Every Man” – Justin Dean Claims | Video



Korra Obidi’s estranged Husband, Justin Dean, has made fresh allegations that Korra cheated on him when she was 4 months pregnant.

His latest accusation comes after Korra and her sister said that Justin physically abused Korra in the relationship.

Justin admitted that although there were verbal abuses, he never hit her even when she tried her best to push him to it.

He said;

I never physically assualted her, she constantly was trying to get me to but I am not an abusive man.

Yes I called her names, why did i call her names? Because she told me that Athena, may not be my child.

I found out via text messages that when she was pregnant with Athena, she cheated on me.

Watch the video below;

He also shared screenshots of a conversation he had with Korra in a bid to share evidence that he has never physically abused Korra.

His words;

Proof that Korra is lying about physical assault! She already lost this battle in court. Which is why I was able to see my kids!
This is a felony (purgery) and I am pressing charges.
We had therapy about this and she admitted to lying about me ever being physical with her.
She kept saying that I was going to eventually hit her. So I tapped her softly jokingly with enough pressure to burp a baby and said,” never say that again”. We laughed and she woke up utterly convinced that I assaulted her.
Korra, take your meds!