According to NigeriaBreakingNews, Seven year old Iretioluwa is like every other children, but what makes her different is her spiritual

proclamations, which makes her an extra-human being. When we were invited by her parents saying “our daughter wants you”. It was like a call not too clear.

But upon enquiry made by our editor, we discovered that it was not just a call but a diving call that requires a diving response.

Ireti-Oluwa has become a friend of Jesus Christ upon whom she resides and proclaim messages for the world.

“Most times Jesus Christ appears to her and tells her lots of things especially hidden things which He (Jesus) wants us to know” declares the mother.

“But the most shocking of all she has been told is about men of God whom we reverence in this country and she told us to look for a Christian newspaper. In fact, she wrote the name of your magazine and we started looking for it” – the father cuts in.

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We were ushered into the spacious living room of the Ifedayos when Iretioluwa was taking her breakfast. We waited for her to finish and we settled down for the business of the day.

Iretioluwa, a primary three pupil was so bold as she declared what she said was told her by Jesus Christ.

According to her, my Lord and saviour said i should declare to Pastor Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God that he cannot make heaven. Though he started very well in spite of his works, he has compromised. “He has missed me a long time ago. I am only honouring my name in his life. He no longer has a place in me. Tell him to go back to his first love and drop every load of compromise he is carrying.

“Tell David Oyedepo that his hands are soiled with human blood. His name is not in the book of life. He has missed it a long time ago. Tell him what will profit him if he gains the whole world and end in Hell fire.

David Olukoya of Mountain of fire and miracles is encouraging evil and doesn’t want to repent. Tell him to stop living a double life. He knows the stones in his hands, tell him to drop them if he MUST enter heaven, he has to live a complete life of holiness.

Ayo Oritsejafor is not my servant. He has gone astray in the pursuit of fame, power, money. Warnhim to repent before he ends where his boss his.

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T.B. Joshua is an advocate of Satan in Nigeria, he has sold his soul to the devil and he knows hell is awaiting him.

Christ Oyakhilome made a vow to Satan and he has succeeded to win souls for Satan. He is the front runner of the new age teachings in the world.

Many pastors that hoist flags of different churches know why they are doing so. Beware of such gathering.

Evil altar has reached an alarming rate in Nigeria.

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  • Stop promoting satanic message from pit of hell . Curse be upon those who make the hearts of believers weary through such destructive pronouncements on these reverred oracles of Almighty God. Advise the parents of that 7yrs old to seek a psychiatrist before it is too late.She needs quick attention.

    • If she had said all of dem got to heaven, u would av said the parent should take care of the child oooo. But now the news is not palatable. Weda tru or false, we all av fallen short of God’s glory and the said people can make it if they cry back onto God. Dnt sell ur soul to pastors believe in God. Honour His prophets, dnt be their judge of weda they will get to heaven or they are in heaven. God bless you sir.

    • what does a little girl of 7 knws about those pastors dat a question we are to ask ourselfs. hw deep has her parent dedicated her to Christ at 7 lets though about all this before saying anything, i knw the world is turning into something else but if we belief in Christ heaven is ours. pls my brothers look very close to what that girl said very well she’s saying something reasonable she said some of the pastors have gone from the way of the lord which we can say yes to that cus the world is ful evil things. so what am trying to tell u is dat girl of 7 is a sent for tham not to condem them but to tell them to go back to the lord. my still advice is lets those pastors go back to the lord notin lyk madness or psychiatrist hospital,

    • If she had said all of dem got to heaven, u would av said the parent should take care of the child oooo. But now the news is not palatable. Weda tru or false, we all av fallen short of God’s glory and the said people can make it if they cry back onto God.

    • Thank for that please tell dem. I hate when people publish nonsense about men of God, especially the genuine ones. Even if a man of God has offended God, God won’t reveal it to somebody and tell the person to put it on media cos God can’t go against His word. Let the parents of that girl, including the girl BEWARE & CAREFUL else the wrath of God on them will be more than that Miriam and Aaron received after speaking against Moses.

      • The problem is not even about the men of God but the new minds who are just re-tracing their steps back to the Lord and the message is going mess-up their minds. God is not an author of confusion, he know how to speak to his anointed ones because he called them without the consent of anyone, so if they are going astray he will definitely speak them personally.

  • I dont think there is anything wrong in what the girl said. Instead it should help believers not to look upon men but unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Man can fail but God never fails

  • it’s either we believe or not! No one should insult the 7 year old girl. It’s up to her if the message is really from the source she claim.
    What if it’s true and these people know it? They will laugh at you while you go on defending them. Leave everything for God to handle in His way. These people might be doing things which are right in the eyes of men like you and I, but may not be ways that please God. She didn’t condemn anyone, rather, she delivered a message. Remember ? No one is perfect. It’s in the bible that the righteousness of man is like a filthy rag in the eyes of God! Is this true or false? Let’s be careful about things of the spirit.

  • So out of all the problems in the land God didnt tell her who is sponsoring insurgency, or who d cabals holding our country to ramsom are? Na pastor who dey go hell na him d almighty God they show her? There’s war in sudan,EBOLA DEY kill citizen for Liberia her own jesus wey dey appear to her no reveal solution na pastors wey dey go hell na him he come all the way frm heaven down to ur palour come xplain to u? Even the journalist interviewing her are all blind. How does such satanic inspired vision help anyone

  • many are called but few are chosen…men of God…hmmmmm…well God said that day some will say i healed blind with ur name,some will say i cast devil with ur name…ceterisparables…Then God will reply go behind me you evil ones…Am not perfect but i never use God name in Vain….May God help us..

  • Endurance my dear, if it’s true, she has no right to dictate to Jesus the type of message she will bear. I haven got the guts to question God on this issue either.
    Even if Jesus comes to us now like He did two thousand and years ago, some of us will doubt again and again. I’m not advocating for anyone but let’s leave it for God to direct us in the right path.
    Just a question; what happened in the case of Jonah and Nineveh? Would you refuse to deliver a message from God if you were convinced that it was God sending you?
    She could have lied, the newspaper could have lied and it could have been a true message as well.

  • I need to see the Girl and Her parent… may God give he more revelations… I remain the only ISANGADIGHI contributing from world of possibilities

  • Hmmm in a case like this i think it deserves a bigger thought before one says any comment. I won’t say more than this let his will be done in our country and our life

  • Pls let’s be praying 4 all these men of God bcs if u are under any of there mission and sees wat is going on, u will knw dat Money has taking d whole churchies, reason how we appoint pastors dis days, if his not a rich man is no where to be find, is dis wat JESUS sent us? Don’t condem d message nor accept it, but check what is going on in God’s Kingdoms today. Mind u, u can’t serve God and serve Money is not possible, pls let pray for all Men of God of dis country to go back to first love.

  • IretiOluwa never insulted anybody. A message is a message. It is either you accept it or you neglect it.

  • It is surprising how Nigerians will continue to believe things without authentification, because a third-rate website with grammatical error-saturated articles said so.
    The girl has only one name? Her parents have no names? No address?
    What nonsense!

  • its very unfortunate that many can’t read the hand-writing on the wall. we are in the very last days, anything can happen, bible said it. you are only sure about ur selves not others!! (food for thougt)

  • let be careful of what we read and believe because God is not a man to lie. do not judge so you will not be judge

  • Moses would have gone to hell having killed an egyptian and other things but God took him from satan when he died. Test all spirits. What is the essence of the message, to discourage believers or encourage them. Let the 7 year old ask Jesus for scriputers to back up her message, I’m sure he would oblige her. Please let’s all watch

  • The message is a warning not condemnation… and it is good for them to make amends where it is necessary…. Jesus christ says for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven it is like a camel passing through the eye of a needle… how difficult is that… with all the welth and riches that is been flaunted here and there….

    Moses made his mistakes and did not enter the promise land. It was that little boy samuel who told the old prophet Eli what was going to happen to him.

    Pass the message across today, so that it may get to them and they can ask God for forgiveness. No one is perfect in God’s sight. JESUS IS COMING SOON!

  • Why are we so quick to judge, the girl said what she thinks she was told, take the message and leave the messenger, besides do we still need a sign in this generation? It’s all there in the book of revelation, every chapter is playing out right before us, yet we can’t see it because we don’t to believe it’s true. THE END IS NEAR

  • It’s up to them and ourselves to repent. She has just proclaimed a message which, even without saying Jesus sent her, is in line with moral.

  • you people better be careful, the bible say do not judge so that u will not be judged, what can 7yr old girl knw about the kingdom of God, I must tell you the truth the person that posted dis is an Antichrist and I belief the judgement of God will soon come upon you.

  • U people ar hear talking non sence.are u blind to see what is happening in D churches to day I don’t care were D mesage came 4rm all I want to say is that D pastors in D word should repent jugement star 4rm D house of God, no pastors now preach repentance or teach how u can make heaven all de no how to prech is money buidings waeth de whant to have D bigest estate driv D bigest car somany more I no u no more dan I Do when there are so many poor people in D church, u don’t care. I don’t need to jurge becs am nont GoD. only GoD no Man hart. it is end time we shoul be care full and repent meet with D missionaries to make u understand ther is A true church of jesus christ here on eath open ur harth to see it jonh 5:1 ask and it shall be given pray 4 God to show u D true church and he will direct u easealy I no all dis to be true and I live it with u in the name of our savior jesus christ amen.

    • Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; fear God and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. (Ecl 12: 13) Do not Judge any man so that you will not be judged. Leave the judgement to God. Let us all work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Let Pastor Adeboye and others mentioned here and us all, including the 7 years old girl and all concerned; work out our salvation. Everyone will stand before the Judgement throne and before the Righteous Judge. Heaven is free but not cheap. Beware…….

    • What a ridiculous and retarded account….there are over 7 billion humans on earth today….she could have as well shared the list of those who will make paradise and those who would rot in Hell….Ok so what? 7 men out of the worlds 7 billion slated for hell….this is nonsense. Nothing is ever revealed to the black man on how we can emancipate ourselves from the rat race and join the league of prosperous nations…stories are always on how many who will go to hell. This is a big joke!! Its also interesting to note that stupid stories like this do not originate from Israel…God’s Chosen people! The girl is 7 year old…the prophets are 7 in number…how convenient. This account is top notch retarded…

  • Hmmm, this is like a mirror, I am not judging, I just think this is almost exactly what I feel about all these men of God. Nothing is shocking, we might not really know what God will judge each men with. Remember, the bible says’ no iniquity will enter heaven, my own pastor is Adeboye, to us all he is upright, we don’t know what God demanded of him. Am jsut afraid this judgement will suprise most of us on the last day. Lord help us. This makes me have a sober reflection.

  • Well am not surprise and i cannot dispute this message, cos there’s nobody that God cannot use. moreover Pastor Adeboye said it sometimes ago in one of his annual programme that God reveal unto him that only 4 people will make heaven if peradventure Jesus comes at that moment.the child’s parent names cannot be publicize cos we also know our country those people may want to take a contrary steps against that child.

  • Please don’t forget the bible says “Many shall come in my name, they shall lo He is there, in that chamber”… Many !!!! Judge not so that thou will not be judged for with the same measure ….. u knw d rest. …. Again it says after my departure shall grevious wolves enter among you (Christian).. Again let Him that stand take heed lest he falls… Please read your bibles… its the only true way to God… God who in previous times spoke through His prophets is in present time speaking to us through His Son.. We all have the same Spirit.. there is no high or low in God’s eyes.. Excercise your spirits and you’ll hear God for urself.. tnx

  • Let dat girl stop talkin rubbish,jesus did nt reaveal to her d problems and sins of nigeria dat has been claimin lives…..or is her own jesus diffrent 4rm d one we knw…..if this thingz u hv said especialy against dr daniel olukoya is a lie….ur punishment will b a great mystery and history in dis nation and abroad…

    • well i read almost all the comments. i criticized everything that happen around me especially in the Church, even if am right….. them my wife said i am beginning to suspect you you complain about everything. but you know what came to my mind that moment… Christ, the Adulterous Lady and the Jews people, Authority (Pharisees and the Scribes) when a lady was accuse of committing ……….. Christ said if anyone of you is without a Sin be d First to cast a Stone and No did. my beloved…..No is free of Sin on Earth. thank u

      • most of the decendant of Abraham stated well and couldn’t end well. you now why? because you can not serve God and money. example saul. even david sinned against God but his was wise to return to God and asked for forgveness of sins. the child might be right cos God works in mysterious ways Mark 10:13-16 talks about little children and the kingdom of God. matthew 24:3-5. jesus with all his power did not possess/have anything or property even his disciples never did. so any preacher of christ whose possess wealth, am sorry is not of christ neither has faith in christ. my advise to them is turn back to God and ask for forgiveness of sins and sell all your belongings and give out the money to the poor Mark 10:17-25. start preaching about salvation and not wealth.

  • she is the devil’s agent, in the near future she shall confess who is behind her,mark my words ,thank you Almighty LORD of impossibilities!

  • All dis fake prophecies nd visions, lord ve mercy on us all thou shall not judge woe betide him/her dat speaks evil against God,s anointed servants be warned

  • the person that send this message is satan agent. we christan does’t take it. and for the girl she is must be mad.

    • You should not be the one to take it or leave it, it should be the Holy Spirit in you.
      All this accusations and counter accusations shows that the pastors are guilty bcos of their sins, the holy spirit has no place in the church, talk less of members. How did Peter and other members of the early church knew that Ananias and his Saphira were lying. That was the Holy spirit at work. Ask the holy spirit to reveal to you if the message is real or not. Don’t speculate to defend these end time false preachers of material wealth.
      Christ said many will come and say we prophesy, heal, preach and perform miracles in your name and he will answer them “Depart from me I know you not”

  • It is quite disheartening that u had to conjure a fake story to get people logged into your page so that u can make few coins from Google. However you have laid bared the rocourous, corrosive and belittling sarcasm of religious life in Nigeria. Nowadays people use our faith for business, fame, women, and power. If Jesus drove away money exchangers from his fathers house am wondering why it is taking him too long to drive these people away and salvage innocent unsuspecting Nigerians to teamed in churches in search of answers to psychological and social issues

    • Please check out on the internet the list of Nigerians membership in Church of Satan. If there is any Nigerian pastor there, then the message is absolutely correct.

  • WHO made you judge over their lives? They will stand, you will stand and your children will stand separately. So my friends WORK OUT YOUR SALVATION because every man is for himself.

  • dis is not ordinary, i think this is political……lets just think b4 we act and not just act b4 we think…it can be dangerous!

  • the devil has run out of plans to mislead the nation I feel sorry for the little girl who is used by the devil in attempt to bring doubt to children of God , Lord have mercy

    • How do u know it is the devil that used the little girl. If the pastors are genuine, let them act on the instruction Jesus gave to a certain reach man that asked what he could do to enter heaven; by selling all their property to feed the poor members and the general public. If the accused pastors cannot do such, then the prophesy of that little girl is absolutely correct.

  • People read your Bibles besides we should be bothered about our personal relationship with God. Most of you condeming this girl would have condemned Jesus If you were in his era. You have a choice to believe or neglect this message but keep your judgements to yourselves. Come to think of it the bible says it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven, doesn’t that tell you enough?

  • My dear, Elijah expected God to speak tru d earthquake, wind or fire. He instead spoke tru d still small voice. The Jews expected the Messiah to be a warrior, a someone of great political, miltary and economic background. Instead He was born to a carpenter form Nazareth. God doesn’t do things just because they make sense to us. He can choose whomever he wants to deliver any message. It rests on d recipients of d message to work with it, or not.

  • She is a mesenger of devil not of God JESUS CHRIST Never said anything to her God is not author of confustion.kingdom of GOD is inside you not outside you.As for me she is egent of antichrist.

  • Even Jesus himself said why are u calling me a good teacher because there is only one good teacher & the person is almighty ALLAH

    • Is she the angels that is manning the gate of heaven is race thou shall not judge let us leave it for the host of heaven every body man your own business

  • I think believers are called to watchfulness and sobriety. Believing wat she said or not doesn’t change the fact that there will be many surprises in heaven. It is better to fear the Lord and keep his commandments. That is d whole duty of man. For God will bring to judgment all actions whether good or evil. Let us fear this God and abstain from sin. Nothing DAT defileth will enter heaven. The pastors and we all should examine ourselves and be prepared for the return of our King.

  • Folks, there is nothing new under heaven, if God decides to release his verdicts against his own servants,only him knows the very best, afterall, upon all Moses’swag, God himself didn’t allow him to get to promise land..i don’t believe in propagandas though,all I pray is for God to have mercy on them just like he did to Paul, is not easy, let’s pray for them all… this is what Devil likes, and remember guys,d gate of hell must not prevail….God bless u all..

  • I had a dream sometimes in year the dream there is a white bus and someone was announcing that all born again Christians should enter the bus, , people are many , , there are a lot of multitude that full everywhere including a lot of men of god were there, but to my surprised only 7 people entered the bus.even I didn’t the way of God is not the way of is better if you repent.

  • Even the way some people are speaking against the little girl show they are not born again. How will you caall someone a devil and all sort. This not the first time such message will come. men of God . should rather cry to God to show them or reveal to them if there is any stain so they can make ammend . if we know that only holiness will take us there, we will humble our selves .ts not us that will react for the men of God. Let them examine their conscience and if the message is not true let them continue but if the message is true, then humility will ask them to pray. God can use any body to pass a passage even a madman. Let’s watch our utrances here . Don’t speak against these men of God niether should we abuse the girl and her family. Let’s pray because many churches have really diviated from the crux of Christianity which is evengelism and care for the needy. I don’t see any reason why churches will be compiting with world in business and fashion. Materialism and coveteousness just ruling the christiandom.

  • D trueth is that penticostal pastors are emasing wealth, building empires, conglomerates, refinaries, universities, estates, jets etc. For who and what purpose, is it for d poor, NO; is it for the masses, NO. It is for them and their children. Dats why they use police escort. Pastors are guilty, we don’t even need any prophesy or message to see it. Open your eyes all of you.

    • when these pastors where nothing, where were you? my dear every success have a story, it is only the success that does not have a story you can question. Find out the stories of these men before they were abundantly blessed. Even your Jesus and my Jesus has a story before he ended up sitting in the Fathers right hand controlling all powers on earth and in heaven

      • God bless you Chidimma. How do they even expect the work of God to grow without money? Would they be happy to have a man as beggar? Am still wondering! The so-called prophetess failed to prophesy to her own parent- Dont they have sin? But a point I would like to correct in your write is “Even your Jesus and my Jesus” You see we don’t have many Jesus. Just one – that is the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless.

        • If you are a share holder in First Bank PLC, are all the monies and property of the Bank owned and spent by one person.
          You pay tithe and offering, so you are a share holder in your church and all church property cannot be owned by one man. That pastor is a caretaker and the church belongs to God.

      • Are they the owners of churches. Church belongs to God. They are only care takers. In an estate, caretakers pay rent like other tenants. Money realized in churches should be primarily used for the propagation of gospel and every member is a share holder to the wealth accruing from the church bcos they contribute by paying tithes and offerings. The lead pastor being a full time pastor and being the most senior may be paid the highest salary by the church board of elders.The church board of elders must make known and available statement of account of the church to every member just like corporate organizations do to all their share holders on monthly or quarterly basis. The church jet, houses, Universities, cars and other property belong. Church has never be a one man business. Apostle Paul, Peter and others ran church but they were never revered to general overseers. Also, they Bible has not recorded where the apostle established churches and annexed wealth to themselves. A typical example is Ananias and Sapphira who try to eat Church money and God’s stuck them with death. The Oyedepos, Adeboyes, Oyakhilomes and co should better repent and do the right thing otherwise what happen to the Bible couple may be their portion and they may eventually miss heaven

        • Tommy… before you say what you do not really know, the church does not belong to any God for God do not build any house. Go to Corporate Affair Commission and find out how the Pastors churches are built and incorporated with the names of their sons, wife and relatives to be the head… If i may tell you this, Benson Idahossa World Outreach is a sample of what i’m saying here. When he (Idahossa) died the wife took over the running of the church so do not be deceive. I was formerly a full member of Christ Embassy till i noticed their high level of immoralities and left and warned my sisters of what is happening which they refuse to adhere to my instruction; finally, one of them was later impregnated by a Christ Embassy Pastor and the church were hidden it from me till an old friend of mine broker the news of what is happening to my sister and the Christ Embassy Pastor to me then i went into the matter.

  • in every rumour there must be an element of fact..and acording to the bible…..when the end time is near, we wil be seeing some mystery things. So tell me what is mystery if not things dats seem unbelievable but true. meanwhile all dis has hapen in the bible. take time to read old testament & new. then you wil belive the voice of man is the voice of God.
    pls flash bk on this specific MOG….lik synagogue ..some yrs bk there was a crisis..u can call it rumour on one revelation about a big cow plus an hunchback human being dat was beried on the altar where he decorated wit water fall and call holy alter….sametin christ embassy dat he seek power frm him to build a massive crowd….same thin winners….dat he also made a convenant in gatherin of evil ..conferming they are behind the success of the church.
    Mind u …i wil nt say its true/ false…but i wil just say that the late kolawole investigative journalist who run a programme then that look revealin there dirty hand died surdenly. of you kno the story wel u wil agree wt me.
    in a knotshed….end time has come….lets be wise….lets move closer to God…lets read our bible deeper…and God wil reveal to us without consulting anyone the vision of heaven.
    in every rumour…there must be an element of truth

  • Ladies and gentlemen may God open the eyes of understanding to see the times we are living in. We are living in the times of the Antichrist, he is in the world already and making his way to rule the world. The devil knows that these men are a threat to his system so if he (devil) says they wont make it to heaven, many will lose hope in God not only in Nigeria but in the world at large, so when the antichrist assumes his power over the world many who lost hope in these men of God will believe in the antichrist and WONDER after the BEAST. That is the agenda of this thing. Many do not see that side of life; they only see these men as servants of hell as these news say. This young girl must be prayed for and the access she has to the spirit be closed by the blood of Jesus, otherwise many will be deceived by her visions.

    • My brother kuma, our faith should not hang on any minister. Though our leaders should lead by example. Every believer should read his or her bible like the burean brethern. Saying many people will give up their faith is not correct though some may be affected but not all. Those who read the bible will see the truth and obey rather than accepting what ever you hear because he is your minister . I remember a time many of the youth are requesting for a comedian to come and feature in a youth convention programme. I resisted it but yet they still prevail they were in mejourity. Leaders of the youth were involve. I read the book of ephesians 5;4 to them and yet they insisted. You see I based my from the bible but they want it their own way. Are many churches not doing same today even our mega churches. Will you say because the man of God approve it there is nothing wrong with it? The problem is we don’t read our bible at home. The only time we hear the word of God, is when we play CDs or attend fellowship. Read your bible and you will see God speaking to you directly. If you say what we are seeing in our churches are not pushing you to pray harder then you need another revelation specially. The church is totally worldly now. Our ministers are busy investing leaving their original calling from God, you see a man of God divorce his wife, church members stealimg money in their place of work with pen, driving expensive cars, building edifice mansion, adultery, fornication and fashion. Are our ministers interested in rivival, holy living, and sound doctrine that will take us to heaven? Remember very few will go to heaven . the bible made it clear. Even God said judgement will start from the church. If their is anything Satan want to hid from mam is the reality of hell fire. If the anti Christ has come then it’s a wake up call for ministers to preach sound doctrine. One minister I respect so much is Kumuyi. He has remain resolute on holiness and let others see God from that worship personality and begin to work in that way. You can not call her agent but pray that we will have men of God like Charles Finney , Charles spugeon , John Wesley and others. not prosperity preachers who does not care about our eternal life.God bless you.

      • I hear you brother mike. I would like to say that personally I do not discriminate men of God showing preference to one and disregarding the other. The reason is that I KNOW THE REAL ENEMY we are facing as the church and I know also his tools. The real enemy is not rich men of God, its not having money, its not prosperity, its not education, its not mega churches, its not having property, its not expensive cars, – the enemy is the devil and he is not flesh, he is spirit. He uses physical means to earn people to himself. He can use even the bible to earn some to himself. If you cant see the wisdom of the devil in these physical means you will point to men of God and see them promoting wickedness. What you are pointing about prosperity, it is not the enemy. I would like to believe that even the men of God you prefer; they are not driving old cars, they are not living in old houses, they do not wear street clothing they buy from expensive clothing shops, they own some publishing companies. Coming to our faith hanging not on a minister and reading the bible by yourself and seeing the truth, in this regard it is written – how are they going to believe unless they are taught, how are they going to teach unless they are sent. You yourself I would like to believe that you were pastor-ed by a man of God until you were matured enough to see the truth by yourself so a minister is important in a life of a believer. As a church there are many works of the devil we can be against than in the servants of God. Shalom!

    • My brother kuma, thank you for your comment but Jesus did not ask us to hope on Pastors or anything else in this failing world.

      The Bible said and i QUOTE:

      Hebrews 12:2 King James Version (KJV)

      2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that
      was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set
      down at the right hand of the throne of God.

      Acts 4:12
      “Neither is there salvation in any other:
      for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we
      must be saved.”

      If your faith or hope is on any of the mentioned pastor instead of JESUS, then you are at the wrong part, because there is salvation in no one else other than JESUS!

  • Had it been that its JESUS CHRIST,the girl wud have gone straight to the parties involved.her pronouncements are not buildin but destroying.dont insult anybody in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

    • yes if the girl is from Jesus Christ she would have gone to the pastors one by one and give them the message. why the press?????? hmmmmmmmmmmm this is a lie and definitely not from God.yes we know some men of God misbehave but God knows how to go about it by telling them not through the media or press. my dear little girl jesus is in heaven we have the holy spirit that teaches us all things. i think you should read your bible very well. becos God will not do anything outside of HIS word.(the bible).

      • And you think she will have access to them one by one? Paul withstood Peter before all. John the Baptist rebuked Herod before all. The Lord Jesus Christ called the church leaders of yesterday whited sepulchres full of dead men’s bones before all. The message was and is for the preachers so named. let them speak for themselves.

        • The truth is that i dont know if the girl is fake or real,but one thing is very clear in our so called Nigerian pastors,they are not what we think that they are.Follow my word and dont follow my behavior.Not that they will not be rich,but what will a pastor in Nigeria be doing with private jet,what we have are business me pastors that own universities,schools companies hotels etc and you call them pastors.May god save his people.We should all be careful about them.

  • I did not prefer any minister but we know them by the fruit they bear and know those that will teach us the way to eternal life. Let God give us better understanding about his word. Gods word is not mans knowledge but the bible.

  • My brother kuma, Read Matt 7:21-23 Matt 7:15-20 1timothy 6:6-7 I mentioned some old ministers not just kumuyi. We are seeing fruit some ministers are bearing today. Human knowledge must be distinguished from God word. God bless.

  • Navel gazing churches all around. LORD, HAVE MERCY!!! True message or fake message, till then. Let’s the messenger deliver the message.up to the recipients to take or leave it, believe it or take it for granted and obey accordingly or disobey. May the LORD grant us the SPIRIT of DISCERMENT, AMEN!!!

  • Waka sege for mentioning Daniel olukoya, rubbish , she should b taken to prayer city for deep deliverance from demons,sorry for her parents

  • well i pray for is either by hook or nook, d grace to have a evn if a boys quarter be granted to me….. if it will take d last sun, my pray is God’s Grace not b find wanting on dat last day….

  • The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard, is: Fear the [true] God and keep his commandments. For this is the whole [obligation] of man. For the [true] God himself will bring every sort of work into the judgment in relation to every hidden thing, as to whether it is good or bad. Ecc. 12:13-14


  • Heresy from the pit of Hell, I will not be a Team to Blasphemy but should in case it is true, then I will say Christian race is a personal thing, individuals will stand on the judgement day not General overseer nd church members, all should work out their salvation by themselves bcos there is no excuse In heaven, no passing of blames, ve personal relationship with God, know who u believe in. My prayer is, by grace nd faith we will all see ourselves in heaven and my second prayer is that all the men of God world wide will finish strong nd well, as many that have deviated God will bring them back to himself, heaven is the ultimate no matter what we ve done in the past, now may the God grace ve mercy on us. This is not the time to cast stones, it’s time to pray for the saints nd sinners. My dear Iretioluwa, may God keep u, but focus more on ur Academics now, ur future, preach more to the sinners bcos I know they are all around us, the harvest is ripe my dear, God bless ur ministry.

  • Let us pray for all spiritual leaders all of the world, May God grant them total repentance heart because the job they are doing is not an easy job. What i understand from this message is that, what the writer wrote is a prayer point for those mentioned.
    whether true or false

  • Pentecostal pastors hahaha… remove offering from church let’s see the real pastors “so called men of God”, Nigerians are so blind that they can’t see the simple truth

  • Pentecostal pastors hahaha… remove offering from church let’s see the real pastors “so called men of God”, Nigerians are so blind that they can’t see the simple truth

  • Our man of God in Nigeria only knows how to buy private jacks and build schools we can not attend so even without this little girl words we r supposed to know better. Christianity means living like CHRIST but we r living like d people of d world with many competitions as who have d biggest Church, d biggest school, do u fly on private jack or u have urs but all these d LORD says IS VANITY upon VANITY . LORD have mercy us Amen.

  • Yo-rubbers will never cease to be fake, even their pas-tors and fake prophets and alfas and even the 7 year old is as good as fake and evil the real truth is always ignore them when God need a messanger he wont be stupid to look for a Yo-rubbers only gods will chose them as they are good agents for gods work which is EVIL.

  • Yo-rubbers will never cease to be fake, even their pas-tors and fake prophets and alfas and even the 7 year old is as good as fake and evil the real truth is always ignore them when God need a messenger he wont be stupid to look for a Yo-rubbers only gods will chose them as they are good agents for gods work which is EVIL.

  • My advice: “Search the scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me”. John 5:39

    ” Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger” Psalm 8:2.

    It is a deeply spiritual language for a 7 year old to say (return to your first love). You will find these words in revelation chapter 2 and 3. The words appear too heavy for this child. A few things.

    A few years ago Pastor Tunde Bakare went to meet Bishop Oyedepo and told him that the Lord sent him (Pastor Bakare ) to Oyedepo. That the sprinkling of blood in his church was “from the pit of hell”.

    A few years ago, Pastor Adeboye said he had a dream. In the dream he died and went to the judgement bar of God. His name was not found in the book of life.

    A few years ago, Pastor Emma Ukpai said he died and when he got to the gate, they asked him who are you? He replied saying “don’t you know me? I am a servant of God. I brought many souls to Christ. My Name is Emma Ukpai”. The gate-keeper checked his name in the book and it was not found.

    Conclusively, the message is addressed to the Pastors so named. Let them examine themselves in the light of the word and do as they see fit for it is written “I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be”. REV.22:12.

    • Well am not surprised at reactions. We know prophets in the scriptures who offended GOD and he called them home to himself and not to hell. Nigerians are too weak in analyzing issues. Most of you have totally concluded that it is GOD that spoke through this girl. What if the target of this so called prophecy is the membership of the church and not these pastors? what if she said what she said by a contrary spirit? What if? Have you considered that?
      My advice is that you should go to your father whom you have access to and ask him. Moses wasn’t perfect, Elijah wasn’t, David was not and neither was Abraham, at least not by their own works.
      Let’s not tear down the church with our own hands.
      Thank you.

      • @Sutton. I like the fact that your analysis directed the entire setting so far to the fact that there is hardly any of the Biblical prophets that would be described with the word ‘perfect’. Only Jesus Christ was found without sin (..for the prince of this world came and found nothing in Him, John 14:30). Even John the Baptist and Samson that were special as God’s battle axes derailed.
        What am I trying to establish? The church should not expect to hear that their pastors are as perfect as Jesus Christ from the mouth of any seer or prophet. Like somebody pointed out above even contrary spirits can also use the truths they know to foment trouble in the body of Christ in these end times, therefore Christians have to be extra careful at a time like this only through conscious study of the Word of God (every christian must study to show themselves approved unto God and be able to rightly apply the Word of truth, 2 Timothy 2:15). Consider all the revelation agents we have known and heard so far, if the table turns and they begin to graduate from grass to grace like some of the truly called men of God, it is not possible that the prince of this world will come without finding anything in them.
        However, to all the truly called men of God like Pastor Adeboye (a man i highly revere), whether these warnings be of God or not, let them see them as wake up calls to review all areas of their lives and decide where compromises have occurred so they can be broken to attract God’s mercy. If the devil can patiently wait for the great Moses until he was about to make history in the Promised Land and then struck such that Moses missed the promised land, then the likes of Adeboye need to be extra careful as they approach the ‘end of the race’. The problem in a place like RCCG emanates from growth and expansion which is understandable for a church currently present in about 180 countries of the world. It takes only God’s eyes, presence and influence to touch all the near uncountable pastors and ministers all over the world running disparate agenda from that instructed and conceived by Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye. This is where true disciples of Jesus Christ must join faiths together to pray for Pastor Adeboye as well as the likes of Olukoya, Kumuyi, etc. all the time – that God in His infinite mercy, kindness and patience shall empower and support them back to His perfect will and plan. Most churches today are not operating 100% pure doctrines and their GOs are hardly humble and real. I also left the church mentioned above for similar reasons as stated. The doctrine in RCCG is pure, perfect and sound only the church-wide implementation is the issue!

  • You guys should not be deceived by what that girl has said, it happen in the time of Jesus our savior , they called him all sought of names and even hang him on the cross of calvary over a crime HE didint committed . this news are bound to happen , LET GOD DECIDE .

  • Let these men of GOD mentioned above, if truly they believe in GOD and
    fear GOD ALMIGHTY THE CREATOR,come out and speak for themselves with
    regards to what this 7 Year old girl has said about them.No man can Mock

  • I dont believe in Quack prophesy. Why in the first place would the parents sent for news men? Dont they know the men of God? You think you can destroy the work of God in Nigeria? Let me tell you something, God can warn them individually if He chooses to. Has she prophesy to her so-call parents? Or is she saying that her parents have no sin? Be careful how you alow the devil to use you! The Bible says “dont judge” Let her prophesy where sherkau (The Boko Haram leader) is. Let her prophesy why Nigerian can not elect good leaders, Let her prophesy how to end robbery in Nigeria, Let her prophesy how to improve electricty in Nigeria, Let her prophesy where to find more oil in Nigeria, let her prophesy solution to jobless graduate in Nigeria, Let her Prophesy…… May God have on mercy!

    • You sound canal. God can choose anyone irrespective of age to deliver his message. Why are you supporting these evil pastors. Google to Illuminati secret cult and Church of satan, u will find names of these flamboyant pastors as members. How can a member of church of satan make heaven? The prophesy is real believe it.

  • All what these pastors preach is PROSPERITY, They do not correct their members, they don’t tell them what is evil or not. They perform miracles from unknown sources and everybody run to their churches. God has spoken through the little Baby.. atleast i believe its true.. if you like believe it or not. No body is begging you… you’r on your own! PERIOD.

  • I think life styles are the problems here.
    Followers have neglected the messages and embraced the life styles of their pastors thereby manifesting something contrary to the word.

  • This is a clear evil message to weaken your faith and conclude that ‘if these men can’t make it, who am I”?

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  • Heaven or Hell, it’s all things of the mind for no one has ever seen the hell nor the heaven…However, the type of God the so call churches and their pastors preach does not exist. For God is in every man and unless you lift yourself to a certain level of consciousness before you can realize what i am talking about.

    If denominations have formed
    boundaries for marriage,relationship and life, then love has been
    crucified on the altar of religions. One who is seen as unbeliever to
    you may be a believer to someone else. We all believe in one thing or
    the other but by their fruits we can know them. Show me your faith
    without works then i will show you my faith by what i do

  • ROTFL. This is the result of the warped presentation of the good news and allowing satan rob believers of their security and confidence by reason of the salvation our Lord acquired for us 1john4:17. Condemnation is satan’s most potent weapon today. ignore these people, unprofitable (itching) talk sells news.


    • My take on this issue is that: We should not crucify the little girl
      because I am quite sure that if the message was not said to her by her
      parent, then it could be from God or Satan. Any which way the message is
      coming from, we should all respect the Word of God and not perceptions.
      The Bible said” NOT EVERYONE who calls me Lord will enter God’s
      kingdom” I will advise that we pray for these great men of God not to
      miss heaven rather than condemning what the girl said.The bible said
      “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall”. If
      truely we believe in the word of God, we should all expect this because
      it has been written against the end time. I respect all opinions, I


  • Please pay close attention to what i am about to say.
    Many people will go to hell because they put their mouth into the word they supposed not to put their mouth into, you are the judges that know the servant of God that will go to hell, you are the one judging pastor that is spending the church offering. Anyone of you criticizing men of God repent today lest the hot judgement of the Lord come upon you. When we get to heaven, each one of us will stand to give account, now you are not concern about your own weaknesses but you are so much concern about others, you hypocrites!
    Repent and ask for forgiveness.
    As for the girl, she is carrying out the assignment of the devil to bring confusion into the body of Christ, Christian please wake up, don’t be ignorant of God’s word. If God want to warn is servant He send another minister to him/her not a little child that just want to make her family to be popular, think about it and go through the Bible and see when God send little child to warned His servant. Let us pray for our pastors all over the world, Apostle Paul said; ”pray for us”, instead of criticizing pray! God bless you all.

    • Your comments were ok, except for where You said the little girl is carrying out the assignment of the devil to bring confusion into the body of Christ, only GOD can explain spiritual things. let us Learn not to be emotional when responding to issues like these.

      • A cannal man does not understand the tins of d spirit,, I can’t say d little girl is losing or sayin the truth I leave judgement for God

  • My take on this issue is that: We should not crucify the little girl because I am quite sure that if the message was not said to her by her parent, then it could be from God or Satan. Any which way the message is coming from, we should all respect the Word of God and not perceptions. The Bible said” NOT EVERYONE who calls me Lord will enter God’s kingdom” I will advise that we pray for these great men of God not to miss heaven rather than condemning what the girl said.The bible said “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall”. If truely we believe in the word of God, we should all expect this because it has been written against the end time. I respect all opinions, I submit.

  • God never said in the bible that pastors, and true believers of God will be poor, by the way that was part of his ministry, he became poor so that we might be rich, that was one of the promises he made to Abraham and to us. he said to us that anyone that believes and have faith will have the blessings of Abraham, what of the man he asked to move from a land and in that same year he made him very prosperous 100 times over, my dear everything you need to know in life is in the Bible, both about your social life , habit, everything and anything whatsoever that makes you a human, even keeping fit. so everything you need to know is in the bible, i don’t need an Infant child so come out and talk rubbish for me to believe because God himself warned us about people like this in the bible and he said when we see them and have the light of God in us we will know. if you know the word of God you don’t need any sign and wonders to speak truth to you. My people i want to make you guys to understand that this is the last days and the devil is crusading himself and his ministries by all means with people like this infant of 7 years old child to speak evil about men of GOD. Christ gives success and wealth and if you don’t believe it that is your problem, by the way without believe Jesus Christ no MAN can ever please God because no one can ever be righteous . so my dear small pikin mind your business and go to school . it will be well .

  • that obviously means that this mens of God they are true prophet that is why this evilish gilrs she is teling oposit thing ….we love our prophets and we love there works……we dont deselve evil thats why we worship our lord….that gilr she is a lie..totaly a lie scum