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15 hottest celebrities that wont stop going braless – #5 does it just to make men want her (With Pics)

Celebrities that won’t stop going braless: Celebrities can be an interesting bunch in general. Some are artistic and see their work, fashion, and body as opportunities to express themselves. Some care most about gaining the world’s attention and realize that wearing provocative clothes is a great way to ensure they receive just that. Of course, there are also some celebrities who, just like folks all over the world, don’t like having their bodies constricted more than they have to.


If you are anything like us, you believe that is a marvelous thing that deserves to be celebrated. After all, many famous people are exceptionally good looking so getting the opportunity to see them in outfits that leave less to the imagination is a fantastic thing. Enough said, check out the wonders below:

15. Olivia Wilde

An actress that started out on television, including supporting roles in shows like The O.C. and House, her immense talents made her transition into the film world seem like an inevitability. Now known for roles in movies like Tron: Legacy, Drinking Buddies, and Her, she seems to be both a star and someone who truly cares about her work based on some of her more avant-garde choices. Olivia’s face has to be one of the most gorgeous in the entirety of the acting world but that shouldn’t take away from her other incredible features, including her chest that is small but great. We know that due to her many nude scenes on film but also because of her propensity for going out in public without a bra on her chest.

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