Int’l Women’s Day: How Senator Ali Ndume Moved a Motion Asking Nigerian Men to Take Second Wives

The Nigerian Senate majority leader, Ali Ndume, has asked Senate President Bukola Saraki and the entire Nigerian men to marry more than one wife so as to show care to them as the world marks Women’s day.

While making his contribution to the debate on a motion to mark International Women’s Day during a plenary session at the National Assembly today, senate majority leader, Ali Ndume has asked Senate President, Bukola Saraki to consider taking another wife.

The motion was presented by Oluremi Tinubu, a senator from Lagos state, and the senate leader, Ndume also asked Nigerian men to marry more than one wife so as to show care to them, adding that the ‘first care’ of woman was marriage.

“I urge men to marry more than one wife. The first care of a woman is marriage. Men should take care of women by not just befriending them, but by going further to marry them.

“I know there is no where in the Bible that prohibits marrying more than one wife.  Starting with the senate president I ask him to consider marrying more than one wife.”

Ndume, thereafter, made a formal request to the senate to declare that Nigerian men should marry more than one wife.

“As a sign of respect for women, let’s urge men to marry more than one wife,” he said. His prayer was seconded by Suleiman Nazif, a senator from Bauchi state, but it did not sail through as the ‘nays’ had it.

Below is how the Nigerian Senate’s Twitter account reported it;

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