Advertise Stats via Google Analytics – April 2015

  • 10,300,184 Page views – (1 Month – April 2015)
  • 2,123,561 Visitors – (1 Month – April 2015)
  • 3,631,807 Sessions – (1 Month – April 2015)
  • High level of Visits from Nigeria, US, UK and Ghana
  • Average time of 4 mins 40 secs per visit


Male: 52.8% Visits; Female: 47.2% Visits

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Last Updated: 3rd May, 2015


Company Profile:
Naija Onpoint ( is a web based media outlet that primarily serves to provide information that Nigerians are likely to take interest in.

Naija Onpoint is currently rated as one of the Top 20 websites in Nigeria, with over 1.9 Million Facebook fans, over 40,000 twitter followers and over 20 Million monthly page views.

Advertising With Naija Onpoint

Naija Onpoint is now accepting third party ads. This would be a great opportunity for you to expand the outreach of your company if you so desire.

We offer majorly two types of advertising:

1. Sponsored Posts:  in case you want to publish a press release, video content, advertorial or any other kind of sponsored post, please check the details on this page. The price and all you need to know can be found on that page.

2. Banner Advertising: We also offer banner advertising in various sizes and of course, our prices are flexible. you may choose to for the weekly rate or simply buy your desired number of impressions.


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